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Società Canottieri Ravenna 1873 is an amateur sports club. Its main goals are the exercise and the promotion of rowing in its competitive forms and the development of those educational and recreational activities, including nautical yachting, that can be carried out by all Club Members.

Canottieri Ravenna promotes rowing for everyone: boys, girls, students, adults, master, parathletes.
We rely on some basic principles:

Believing in sport as a construction of values and ethical principles.
Training both bodies and minds of the kids
Following the strong tradition behind us.

sports activities

Here at Canottieri Ravenna we welcome everyone. Anyone can row or choose one of our activities on the basis of age and personal aspirations. We grow minds and bodies of our boys and girls, helping them falling in love with a healthy outdoor sports.
Our athletes have won different World Rowing Championships and different medals in the major international rowing competitions.


From 10 to 14 years.
Discover the beauty and the fun of rowing


Over 14 years.
More intense competitions to grow as athletes and as boys


Starting from 27 years old
Amateurs of all ages who rows for the pleasure of being together


For disabled athletes.
Because sport is important for everyone and getting on the boat is a pleasure for everyone

italian titles

world titles

european titles

indoor world titles


In quasi 150 anni di attività, la Canottieri Ravenna ha cresciuto ragazzi e ragazze di alto livello tra cui Marcello Miani, più volte campione mondiale e tre volte atleta olimpico; Bruno Rosetti e Gergo Cziraki, plurimedagliati ai campionati Mondiali: Alexandra Kushnir, pluricampionessa italiana.


1 Campionato Italiano Assoluto

2 Campionati Italiani Pesi Leggeri

3 Campionati Italiani Under 23

7 Campionati Italiani Junior

7 Campionati Italiani Ragazzi

7 Campionati Italiani Indoor

3 Campionati Italiani del Mare Assoluti

5 Campionati Italiani del Mare Junior

1 Campionati Italiani di Società

1 Campionato Italiano Esordienti

2 Campionati Italiano Pararowing

10 Campionati Italiano Master


Medaglie d’Oro:

  • Luca Rambaldi – Mondiali Junior 2012
  • Marcello Miani – Mondiali Pesi Leggeri 2010
  • Marcello Miani – Europei Pesi Leggeri 2010
  • Bruno Rosetti – Mondiali Junior 2005
  • Marcello Miani – Mondiali Pesi Leggeri 2004
  • Marcello Miani – Mondiali Under 23 2004
  • Marcello Miani – Mondiali Junior 2002

Medaglie d’Argento:

  • Gergo Cziraki – Mondiali Under 23 2018
  • Gergo Cziraki – Europeo Junior 2015
  • Luca Rambaldi – Mondiali Junior 2011
  • Luca Rambaldi – Europei Junior 2011
  • Marcello Miani, Giuseppe Vicari, Bruno Rosetti, Fabrizio Borghesi – Mondiali Coastal Rowing 2008
  • Giuseppe Vicari – Mondiali Junior 2008
  • Marcello Miani – Mondiali Pesi Leggeri 2006
  • Marcello Miani – Mondiali Under 23 2006
  • Marcello Miani – Mondiali Under 23 2003

Medaglie di bronzo:

  • Bruno Rosetti – Mondiali Assoluti 2017
  • Gergo Cziraki – Mondiali Under 23 2017
  • Fabrizio Borghesi, Luca Rambaldi, Donato Traversa, Paolo Platamone, Vittorio Emiliani – Mondiali Coastal Rowing 2011
  • Marcello Miani – Mondiali Pesi Leggeri 2009


  • Marcello Miani – 4° posto – Pechino 2008